Anastasia Tikhonova is a photographer based in London. Born in the USSR and originally studying as an engineer, she switched to photography after a modeling experience unexpectedly convinced her to take up a camera –one which she hasn’t put down for 11 years.

Her work is focused on visually celebrating each individual’s idiosyncrasies; brining these to the surface through an interplay between documentary and theatrics. Using both analogue and digital cameras, her work is drawn towards everyday environments with natural light rather than formal studios spaces. Having lived a nomadic life her photography is culturally fluid, without a strong sense of time and place. 

Tikhonova’s art has been internationally exhibited in the US, UK, Russia and Portugal with her prints adorning walls across the globe. Her experience has been diverse and included photographing for leading magazines; working on album and book covers; the fashion industry; weddings and events. She greatly enjoys working with private clients: the responsibility in shaping memories, the trust and wider sense of freedom this gives.