20 shots for my father

Two weeks after my father unexpectedly died I saw him in my dream for the first time. He was in good spirits, laughed and was surrounded by friends. At some point he approached me holding a vintage camera in his hands. He said “we just shot a roll of film with it and 20 shots came out amazingly well”. 

The first thing I thought waking up was the camera was a Minolta, the second was my father has died. Within minutes I found the camera on Ebay, bidded for it and one week later it was with me. It’s been with me ever since.

I’m now using this camera to make 20 shots for my father to tell him how things have been while he’s not here. The project will be presented in 2020, taking the form of exhibitions in London and Moscow.

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The project documents a weird and eerie landscape in the UK called Dungeness, the largest shingle beach in Europe and littered with contrasting structures: a nuclear power station, timber shacks, fisherman paraphernalia; a local village pub; a military base and lighthouses. Shot on medium format camera and stained by radiation, the project looks at our perceptions of landscape and beauty to challenge ideas of the picturesque which still hold sway today.

Dungeness was photographed on medium format and took the form of gelatine prints on paper, exhibited at Biesenthal in Germany.



Exhibition in Berlin. "Interior" is the first collective exhibition of PEP. Submitted work called Beach House.